Our ultimate goal is to give kids a safe place to be active and have fun. Whether that takes the form of after school sports programs, sports camps, league play or sports parties, We Got Game coaches and staff work hard to encourage and maintain a child’s lifelong love of athletic activity.

Website :    wggsportskids.com     

Contact :     Matt Rieger, Manager

Phone :       (773)-885-7484

Email :        coachmattr@wegotgamechicago.com

wE GOT GAME Chicago

Design Dance is a community-based dance education organization that builds courage, connection and self-awareness in kids through the life changing art of dance. Through a dedication to collaboration, our program is constantly evolving to offer high quality dance education that meets the needs of the communities we serve. Each student, regardless of ability level, is given the tools to better express themselves and tell stories through movement, performance and collaboration. At Chase Park, we offer classes and camps year-round for kids ages 2-12 years old. Programs include, Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Jazznastics and more!

Website :    designdance.net     

Contact :     Ali Drumm, Operations Coordinator

Phone :       (312) 361-0864

Email :        info@designdance.net 

Design Dance
Ravenswood Aikikai at Chase Park

Ravenswood Aikikai is a community Aikido dojo located at Chase Park.  Aikido is a Japanese martial art focused on a non-violent response to aggression. Rather than straight-on punches or kicks, in Aikido one learns to blend with the energy of an attacker and bring aggressive conflict into rapid resolution as peacefully as possible. Techniques include falls, body throws, joint

locks and immobilizations. Through practice, students will learn to be centered and calm during an attack, to respond with an effective Aikido technique, and to fall safely. Classes are open to adults (men and women). Interested teens can also participate with parental consent. All are welcome to watch class. 

Website :    ravenswoodaikikai.com     

Contact :     David Hurst, Chief Instructor

Phone :       (773)218-6151

Email :        hurst@braverock.com 

Our mission is to offer support & collaboration to various Chicago Park communities that may otherwise lack the resources to reach a fuller potential. We accomplish this by offering low cost supplemental programs that compliment the parks featured roster of activities, we create special events to further engage local patrons & host charitable fundraisers to benefit important causes & organizations cherished by the good people of these park communities.

Website :    in-the-parks.org     

Contact :     Katie Neenan, President

Phone :       (773)816-2375

Email :        intheparkschicago@gmail.com 

In-the-parks.org (NFP)

Shake, Shimmy, Shine classes encourage children to creatively move their bodies, learn through play and explore the power of positivity & teamwork in a safe, non-competitive and humor filled environment. Current classes exploring social-emotional learning alongside fun physical education include yoga, creative movement, zumba and dance for ages toddler through elementary school.

Website :    shakeshimmyshine.com     

Contact :     Kristen Rehfeldt, Shine-ologist

Phone :       (312)505-1058

Email :        shakeshimmyshine@gmail.com 






Shake, Shimmy, Shine!
Chicago Wheel Jam by Cirques Experience

Our mission is to introduce people of all ages to the sport and spectacle of wheel gymnastics. We invite children and adults to perform, compete or simply to roll with us for fun. In teaching people to harness the motion of the wheel we seek to bring out each individual's innate sense of playfulness and adventure, care and concern for others, and the fundamental love of movement. Alongside wheel we offer classes in modern circus arts so that children and adults can find still more creative ways to learn, grow and shine.

Website :    chicagowheeljam.com     

Contact :     Wolfgang Bientzle, Master of the Rings

Phone :       (312)375-5264

Email :        rolling@chicagowheeljam.com 
















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